Why a Website is Still Vital for Small Businesses in the Age of Social Media

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In today’s world, businesses need to establish themselves online in order to keep up with the current times and compete with other companies across almost every industry. While websites have long been the place to showcase your business online, some businesses are opting to just use social media to showcase their business instead of a website.

After all, these platforms can be brilliant at attracting new customers, receiving feedback and building an audience online, so do you really need a website for your company?

Well, that’s what we aim to answer in this article, covering a few of the main points and key benefits to why websites remain vital for small businesses even in the age of social media.

More Control

Owning a website gives you more control over how your business is seen online.

With social media, you are often limited in terms of how you can brand yourself. On these platforms you have to play by their rules, which can mean you have less control over the look of your page, how the content is displayed and what information is shown.

While you can upload some branding such as your profile picture, banners, your basic company details on the page, it’s still not enough to really be able to express your brand’s personality on the site. There is limited flexibility when it comes to how you present your business and show what you offer on these platforms.

With your own website, you get complete control of your branding so you can use whatever images, colours and fonts you like to help really portray what your brand is all about, showcasing your business on your terms.

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Increased Discoverability

Once you’ve got a website, it can open up so many more ways for you to be discovered online.

A website can further increase your visibility, especially on places like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. With a great website and effective SEO, you’ll be more likely to appear in relevant search queries to attract users that are actively looking for the products and services that you offer - with just social media profiles, you'll only be discoverable when someone searches for your business' name.

It's you could be missing out on a lot of relevant traffic from your ideal customers if you don’t own a website. In fact, 70-80% of potential customers are lost by businesses without websites. So, if your potential customers are looking for your products or services online and you don't appear in the search results, they'll more than likely go to your competitors instead!

Another advantage to having your own website, is using it as a hub for other marketing and advertising activities. For example, you can use methods such as email marketing, content marketing and display advertising more effectively, using links back to your website where customers can easily find the next steps to take towards a conversion.

Having direct call-to-actions from other marketing campaigns linking back to your website can be a great way of being discovered by more potential customers and growing your business online!

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Better Credibility

Websites can have a large influence on how audiences perceive your company and its credibility. If customers can’t easily discover your business when searching and can’t find a website, they may question if your business is legitimate.

Most reputable businesses will have a website, so it can often seem unusual to potential customers if they can’t find one. Simply having a website, even if it’s a small one, can make your website seem far more credible as long as it's well-designed and functional.

75% of consumers will make judgements on a company’s credibility based on a business’s website design, so it’s very important that if you do have a website, to make sure its design is aesthetically pleasing, it's functional and easy-to-use, and is properly maintained.

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Need a website?

If you don’t currently own a website, but you are looking to start building up your brand online then we can help. We offer various website development packages for whatever type of website you need, whether it’s just a basic site to get your company online or something more in-depth with a few extra bells and whistles – we’ve got you covered.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can provide you with a company website that’s suited to your needs, fill out our contact form to tell us exactly what you’re looking for or feel free to have a chat with us by calling us on 01329 595003.

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