The Importance of Regular Website Updates

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Sometimes when businesses develop a website, they believe their work is done.

If you’ve built a brilliant website, then why should you need to make any future changes or updates?

Well, website maintenance may be more important than you first think. In this article, we’ll be covering why making regular website updates is so important!

Your Website Design

Your website should be a true reflection of your business. When visitors enter your site, they should be able to get a good idea of what your business is like just from viewing your design.

If your site is looking very colourful and interactive, visitors are likely to perceive you as a quite playful and creative brand. Your design should be a chance to let your brand personality shine through and be in keeping with your content, helping to elevate their delivery.

So, if visitors are coming to your site and seeing a dated design that doesn’t truly align with your current branding, you could be sending the wrong impression to potential customers.

When a website has been around for a while, sometimes features can also break and the cracks in your website can start to show. Websites begin to stop working as well as they used to and can quickly become dated.

That’s why updates to your design and functionality are so important for keeping visitors engaged.

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Mobile Responsiveness

With up to 70% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, your website on mobile cannot be overlooked. The look and performance of your website on mobile is now such an important aspect of your website development.

If you’ve designed your website with desktop in mind, neglecting your mobile site, it might be time to make some updates and changes to give your website a more mobile-friendly design. With such high amounts of traffic coming from these devices, if your website isn't responsive, you could be alienating a bit part of your audience and the result would be a high bounce rate from mobile traffic.

Making sure your website looks amazing on all devices means you're providing a consistent website experience for all users.

Updating old pages or optimising newly created pages for mobile devices will help to keep your bounce rate low and user satisfaction high.

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Your website is sure to fall in the search engine rankings if it’s never being updated.

Search engines will tend to rank websites that are being regularly updated higher in the search results. You might have some great content on your website, but if it’s all from some years ago then search engines might not regard it as relevant anymore.

Platforms like Google, for example, are always looking to display fresh and up-to-date content to their users. They like to see when websites are active and are much more likely to prioritise websites that are regularly updated, compared to those that haven’t been touched in years.

Updating your website’s content can also give you a chance to target new keywords and focus on developing it to be even more search engine friendly. As platforms like Google alter their algorithms, the way search engines rank their content is constantly changed, which can lead to older content over time becoming less optimised. The way people search online is also always changing so regular website updates can always help you to target new popular search terms and keep reaching those users looking for businesses like yours!

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Build Trust

When your website content is kept updated and regularly added to, visitors will feel your site is a lot more trustworthy.

If a potential customer goes to your website and notices no new content has been added to the site in over a year, they may start to question whether your business is still active or not. Visitors can be much more hesitant to make a purchase or continue browsing your site when it seems like the business is no longer running.

If you’ve got a blog page, it’s especially important that new content is regularly added. When you regularly update your blog with informative, value-adding content you're going to be building more trust with your audience and nurturing more leads through your content. It's never a good sign for site visitors if a blog has been abandoned and not updated.

By continually adding great new content to your site, like on your blog for example, you can show users that you are actively providing useful information to audiences and not just at a standstill.

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Struggling with your website development?

If you're tight on time or just don't know where to start with updating or optimising your website, that's where we can help!

Whether you're looking to just updated a little bit of content, do a full re-brand, or completely restructure and update your website, we can help get your website back on track.

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