4 Examples of When Digital Marketing Was Done Right!

Looking for some inspiration for your next digital marketing campaign?

We’ve compiled a selection of some of the best digital marketing campaigns in recent years, garnering millions of hits online and massively increasing brand awareness for companies online.

Weetabix and Heinz Collaboration

In February 2021, two unlikely brands had an interesting collaboration. The brand Weetabix decided to team up with Heinz beans, The brand decided to team up with Heinz beans and shocked Twitter with a photo of plate of Weetabix smothered in baked beans. If you saw this post at the time, you'll likely remember the puzzled look on your face when you came across this monstrosity! If it's your first time seeing it now, then you probably have that look on your face as you're reading this!

Weetabix and Heinz collaboration tweet

The image gained an impressive 36K Retweets, 68K quote tweets and 130K likes!

There were many people online who shared their thoughts on the collab with disgust, intrigue and funny remarks. Lots of other brands jumped into the conversation too - including Nando's and KFC.

Nando's tweet

KFC tweet

This campaign really stood out from the crowd with its unique and controversial imagery that got people talking and spreading more awareness for both brand names across the internet and beyond.

Spotify Wrapped

Originally Spotify launched their first iteration of Wrapped in 2015 as their “Year in music” feature that gave a look back over user’s past year showing which songs and artists they had listened to the most.

While this was popular amongst users, it didn’t quite go viral until their launch of Spotify Wrapped in 2017, which improved upon the previous feature with more sharable and customizable graphics.

Spotify wrapped being shown on a mobile phone

Using analytics and personalisation, the campaign was a hit, being shared amongst friends and across the internet. #SpotifyWrapped trended across most social media platforms and has since become a yearly trend where users share their own personal infographics that all help to promote the Spotify brand name.

This campaign is a great example of when personalisation is taken to a whole new level and has really helped Spotify become the brand it is today. Spotify wrapped has now become a highly anticipated event for many users, with more than 90 million people engaging with it in 2020.

Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like‘ Video

All the way back in 2010, Old Spice wanted to start targeting younger male consumers in the millennial market which was a big shift from previously advertising their products to males in the 40-60 age range. They were initially struggling with this image shift and needed something bold to help them make that change.

Old Spice managed to find a solution launching a new campaign that was incredibly unique, witty and trendy. It was a video that was first published across social media, the perfect place to reach their target audience, gaining over 20 million views in the first few days in was published.

The video now sits at an impressive 60 million views on YouTube, showing just how popular the campaign has been for the brand and really helped them to become relevant with younger audiences.

old spice advert

Despite their target audience being male, the video targeted a female audience due to their research into market data. In fact, 60% of men’s body wash purchases are made by women which helped their campaign massively.

They wanted to convince women to stop buying their men ‘lady-scented products’ with many quick and over-the-top transitions through different location which helped make the ad so funny and unique.

It really was a great video marketing campaign that helped to reinvent a brand in such a simple way.

Wix ‘Melt the Ice’ Campaign

Around the time of the Super Bowl in 2017, Wix launched an interactive digital marketing campaign where they livestreamed on Facebook a football helmet in a giant block of ice.

Viewers were then encouraged to change their profile picture to Chez Felix who was the star of their Super Bowl commercial series. Users who took part then had the chance to win cash prizes every week in the run up to the super bowl.

Wix melt the ice campaign on a Facebook livestream

The stream managed to gain over 232 million live views in total by the end of the campaign and was a great way of increasing their brand awareness.

This was a brilliant campaign for getting their audience interacting and having a bit of fun with the hopes of winning some prizes!

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve got some insight and enjoyment out of seeing some of these amazing digital marketing campaigns that were each such a huge success.

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