Why Should You Be Advertising on Social Media?

Social media has quickly become an essential marketing tool for most businesses over the past decade.

With over half the world’s population now using social media, businesses can reach almost any audience making it a great channel take advantage of.

While organic social media marketing can yield some great results, sometimes you need a more targeted approach to reaching your audience on social media - and that's where paid social comes in.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the benefits of social media advertising for small businesses.

Campaign Performance Insight

When running ads on most social media platforms, you can gain a real insight into how your ads are performing and resonating with your target audience.

Most social channels, like Facebook for example, will have an Ads Manager that gives you a complete overview of your campaign with lots of data to help you understand how it’s performing.

When using other advertising methods, let's take a billboard ad for example, it can be difficult to track exactly how many people saw it, took a certain action or converted. But with social media advertisements, this information is a lot more accessible.

On most advertising platforms you will have access to information like your where your budget is being spent, the return on your ad spend, cost per lead and much more. You also have the ability to set up tracking codes in Google Analytics and other platforms where you can track how many website conversions your ads lead to.

With social media ads, you get a lot more information to work with, making it a lot easier to optimise and adjust your campaign to improve your overall campaign results.

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Low Cost

Compared to more traditional advertising methods such as TV, Radio or Newspaper ads, the cost of running social media advertisements can be significantly lower while still generating solid results.

If you want to start advertising on social media but only have a small budget, the good news is you can start small and up your budget later.

Even with a smaller budget, you can still see success with social media ads. Now of course, the bigger your starting budget, the quicker you'll start getting some data and insights into whether your ads are working or not. However, if your ads have strong content, you can still get a good return on investment even with a low campaign bidding structure.

Having this kind of control over your budget means you won’t have to be spending large chunks of money on methods you aren’t always sure will work out. Instead, you can start with a lower bidding strategy to find out how things perform, then slowly raise your spending as you start to see better results and can afford to expand on your campaign.

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Specific Audience Targeting

One of the main features of social media advertising, and the biggest benefit over organic social media, is the ability to choose exactly who you want your ads to be shown to.

You can control who sees your ad based on age, gender, location and other demographics, meaning you can reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

You can target your audience as broadly or as narrowly as you’d like, with these platforms giving you a range of customisable settings you can use to meet your targeting needs. You can easily target users that match certain interests and behaviours that you believe your offering would appeal to.

These targeted audiences can also be saved and used for future campaigns, if successful, or tweaked to be more broad or specific as you find out which users are most interested in what you have to offer. You can even import your own data streams from your website to serve ads to those who’ve already engaged in your brand as part of a retargeting campaign.

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Inspired Digital

We know how effective social media advertising can be for businesses, but we also understand how challenging setting up a successful campaign can be for those new to the social media advertising world.

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